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... Viva Sta. Catalina de Alexandria!

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Viva Sta. Catalina de Alexandria!

Four centuries ago, the inhospitable people of Bagac have been transformed into a community of faithful devotees – giving up their inhospitality to receiving Christ from the hands of the Augustinian missionaries. This faith of the Bagakenyos has been nurtured more with the introduction of Santa Catalina de Alexandria in 1898 as their patroness when Bagac became a Parish. The devotion to Apo Ina has kindled more the faith of the parishioners and even the faithful of the neighboring towns because of the sagas on her miraculous intercessions.

Folk stories still live today about Sta. Catalina’s miracles. During the World War ll, the town of Bagac was not totally devastated because of a white lady on a white horse running around the town and back and forth to the seashore. The lady was believed to be Apo by the elders of the town. Moreover, attestations on her miraculous intercessions such as passing the board examinations, overcoming disasters and calamities, healing the sick, etc. sustain the faith of the believers. And just lately, a woman from a far town searched for a fine-looking lady in her dream from one parish to another. Until one day, her intuition has moved her to the Parish of Santa Catalina in Bagac where she saw the reality of this fine-looking lady in the image of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. More so, the miracles of Apo Ina reside in the lives of Bagakenyos through their answered prayers.

Annual feast day of St. Catherine of Alexandria reveals popularity of the patroness with the thousands of local and foreign devotees coming to the church to hear mass with their prayers and wishes. Bagakenyos who have immigrated to other countries prefer to pay visit on her feast day for a more meaningful homecoming. Thus, a promise to come on her feast day and to be broken is avoided by anyone who is aware that she is peevish of it.

Thus, with all our reverence to our patroness today, we humbly wish that our Parish of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Bagac, Bataan be declared as a Shrine in the Diocese of Balanga. This is to offer our Patron Saint a better place for her veneration, and likewise, to institute a place that symbolizes God’s fidelity to His loved people.

Thank you very much, and we ask this through the intercession of St. Catherine of Alexandria for God’s glory.

Parishioners of Santa Catalina de Alexandria