Santa Catalina Parish

... Viva Sta. Catalina de Alexandria!


Restoration-Renovation Project Brief


Decades passed, the first assembly place of the early Christianized Bagakenyos was built out of native materials.

It was only in 1866 however that the Bagakenyos had a taste of a decent place of worship with the contruction of a mission type Romanesque-coral stone church under Padre Esteban Martinez

Left nave wall, the only portion left from the original st sructure made of corral stone

Seven years later, Bagac became a parish with St. Catherine of Alecandria as its patroness under the Augustinians until 1898 when it was turned over to the Diocese of San Fernando, Pampanga.

The outbreak of teh Second World War damaged teh parish church which Fr. Jovencio Tantoco adn then followed by Fr. Melchor Garcia sa firt to repair and renovate.In 1946 Fr. Joel Pineda continued the renovation coupled with the founding of Sta. Catalina Institute in 1952 which sadly stopped operation in 1986 primarily because of labor problems.  The Diocese, through the present bishop, Most Rev. Ruperto C. Santos plans to re-open teh school to be managed by the woman religious congregation of Sisters of St. Catherine of Alexandria.

In 1975, Fr. Armando Morales restructured the altar made of bricks with Santa Catalina at the center and gave the Crucified Christ a marble wall niche.

Then Fr. Victor Ocampo replaced the old and weak belfry with a three-layer modern structure while keeping the coral stone walls of the old church.

Then Fr. Hipolito Arana continued the renovation by plastering the old facade and Fr. Edilfredo Cruz redesigned the sunctuary.

In 1994, Fr. Cruz

saw the need of widening teh space to accommodate the growing number of parishioners by constructing the right wing extension.  The construction of a new and bigger sacristy followed which up to now is left unfinished.

The unfinished sacristy, 1995

Fr. Abraham Pantig prioritized the building of a new parish rectory in 2002.

In 2008, Fr. Milver Cruz totally demolished teh ground floor of the old rectory to give way to the construction of the left wing-extension with a very peculiar design highlighting even more the differences in design among the major parts of the church- the nave and right & left wing ceiling, flooring and roof.

Left Wing Exterior

Right Wing Exterior

The sad state of more than six decades of unfinished renovation has given our parish the tag "one of the old churches in Bataan with no trace of antiquity".  This too has resulted in a parish church with no wholistic design.

Left Wing Interior

Right Wing Interior

Now, after a year of waiting, a  MASTER PLAN for Bagac Church's Restoration-Renovation Project has been completed by a team of engineers (architects, electrical, sound, structural) of Bezabel Construction Inc.  This master plan will put an end to Bagac Church having inconsistent design in all its majors parts.

The project has a thruee-phase plan:  Phase 1 will consist of roofing works which will see the installation of nes trusses, insulation and roof ventilators; masonry works and ceiling works which will consist of installing fiberglass vaulted ceiling, fiberglass false beam both in the entire nave and left and right transepts.  The entire ceiling will have arc, ceiling bracket, lattice ventilators and cornices, all made of fiberglass.  The ceiling will have as well steel catwalk for maintenance purposes.  Needless to say, painting works on the ceiling will be done.  For this Phase alone, a total of PhP 7,513,130.00 will be needed.

Phase 2:  Interior and Suctuary-Altar Renovation

Phase 3:  Exterior Restoration and Sacristy

Honestly, we only rely, believe adn trust that Divine Providence will help us accomplish this daunting task through teh generosity and kindness of your heart.  Corollary with this, this Church of teh Poor humbly implores God's blessings through you that our parish church may be completed toady to stand for the future generations.

Through Sta. Catalina de Alexandria and for the parishioners,

A heartfelt gratitude ...

Parish Priest


Julieta Agcaoile Ramon Bantugan Aida Sartiga
Virgilio Alonzo Sr. Adela Bonzon, SPC Ma. Nenetha Suiza
Antonio Bantungan Mary Rose Gomez Estrella Tuazon
Leticia Bantugan Dante Macaibay